About Us

Welcome to the Cowley County Fair.  We are a non-profit organization, made up of 30 elected volunteers from around the county.  We work all year to bring you a great county fair promoting a sense of community, 4H, agriculture, home and health, entertainment, etc.  We look forward to many more years of serving Cowley County in this way.

Board Members:         
Greg Dixon, President   Jim McClung
Dan Defore, Vice President   Charles Craig
Betty Webber, Secretary   Doug Platter
Dean Kennedy, Treasurer   Grady Martin
Keith Nulik   Larry Hittle
Justin Nulik   Greg Feaster
Lori Godfrey   Josh Dobbs
Kent Miller   Shannon Bruce
Rick Meyer   Greg Cales
Jason Goyer   Cory Borders
Trish Meier   Chase McWilliams
Andy Lee   John Berndsen
Doug Anstine   Jarrod Lawrence
Leslie Starlin   Casey Woner
Eric Befort   Robert Ankrom